Welcome to our first ever Roundtable for The Smoking Syndicate.  The Roundtable will be a new format where we will be doing a live group review of a particular cigar and will also have a shortened video posted later on our YouTube account.  The Roundtable could feature any one of us along with guests, so stay tuned for more great Roundtable segments in the future.

Will, Bear, Erron, and I got together to review the Saint Luis Rey Carenas in the toro vitola.  The SLR Carenas is a cigar we’ve all been smoking lately so we thought it would be a good cigar for our first Roundtable.  This is our first ever Roundtable so I didn’t edit it much as we felt like it had a lot of great content.  In the future, the aftershow videos will just feature the segments on the cigar we are reviewing.  If you have any suggestions on cigars you would like for us to review in the future, please put some suggestions in the comments.

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