The long-awaited Undercrown 10 Factory Floor Edition Set is heading to Drew Diplomat retailers. This set contains a 6 x 46 Lonsdale size of the Undercrown 10 blend along with a tobacco library that allows one to see, smell, and touch the leaves that make up the Undercrown 10 line.

“The epic presentation behind Factory Floor Edition is an added touch of class to Undercrown 10, offering an experiential component while you burn your cigar,” says Jonathan Drew, Founder and President of Drew Estate, in a press release. “It’s as if you’re magically transported by Elon Musk to our factory floor, where our torcedores warmly greet you and demonstrate the blend selection behind Undercrown 10. It’s like, yo, we want you there with us at the factory but that’s not possible right now. So, snag a box of these and let’s ride.”

Undercrown 10 was released this past spring to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Undercrown brand. The Factory Floor Edition contains 20 of the Lonsdale size of the Undercrown 10 as well as the tobacco used for the wrapper binder and filler. The Lonsdale size is exclusive to the Factory Floor Edition set.

Pricing for the Undercrown 10 Factory Floor Edition is set at $272 per box or $13.60 per cigar.

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