Drew Estate has announced that the 20 Acre Farm, a new blend featuring Florida Sun Grown tobacco from Jeff Borysiewicz’s farm is now en route to retailers.

20 Acre Farm made its debut on the November 2021 edition Freestyle Live. The cigar had been released as a “mystery cigar” as a part of an event package leading up to a Freestyle Live. The vitola is highlighted by an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

“The amount of fun I experienced unveiling 20 Acre Farm with Drew Estate during Freestyle Live Special Edition was intense and I’m extremely proud of the cigar,” says Jeff. “20 Acre Farm is a masterpiece that showcases our Florida Sun Grown tobacco while enhancing the sophisticated smoking characteristics of the other tobaccos in the blend, especially the Connecticut Shade Grown wrapper. As a premium cigar retailer for more than 20 years, I can’t wait to offer 20 Acre Farm to my customers and I’m looking forward to hearing what other premium tobacconists think of the cigar.”

Jonathan Drew, Founder and President of Drew Estate, adds, “20 Acre Farm is a brand with both purpose and promise. While many of ya’ll might think of Drew Estate as a bunch of roughneck reservoir dogs, this is really only partially true. We also have a very elegant side to us, a classy side if you will. The elegance of 20 Acre Farm is unquestionable, as that luxurious creamybomb coats the palate with layer after layer of butta and more butta. It’s just so smooth it’s crazy. The brand promise speaks to our love affair with this 20-acre plot of dirt in Florida that we continue to nourish year after year. Our brand promise is actually to the farm, kinda like that book about ‘the little engine that could.’ We’re simply in love with that farm.”

Drew Estate has also told retailers that its other brand containing FSG tobacco, literally named FSG, will be from a national release for Borysiewicz’s Corona Cigar Company stores.

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