At the 2022 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show, Quality Importers Trading Company showed off a new black color option for its Hydra LG and Hydra SM electronic humidifiers. These are two units already available in gray.

The Hydra LG is designed for large cabinet humidors that are up to 16 cubic feet inside. It features two internal fans, two external fan ports, an audible and visual low water indicator, a large LED display, and a handheld remote unit on a 54″ long wire. The unit does humidity readings every 30 seconds. Pricing is set at $340.99 SRP.

The Hydra SM is designed for personal humidors up to eight cubic feet in size. It also reports humidity every 30 seconds. It features one internal fan, two external fan ports, and an audible and visual low water indicator. Pricing is set at $177.99.

The new black-colored options for the Hydra units are targeted to ship in September.

Image Credit: Quality Importers Trading Company