Editor:  This is the link to our shorter YouTube edit of Roundtable #8.

The Smoking Syndicate Roundtable reconvenes tonight as we smoke the 2021 edition of the Alec Bradley Fine & Rare – the Alec Bradley Fine & Rare BC-(13)4EV.

The Alec Bradley Fine & Rare is an annual release in which each release incorporates ten tobaccos. Over the years, the cigar has come in a variety of different blends and size. Sometimes a new blend is unveiled, and other times a previous blend is re-released with a different vintage of tobaccos. This year, the BC-(13)4EV is a new blend. It was originally targeted for a late 2021 release, but supply chain issues delayed things.

Photo Credit: Alec Bradley Cigar Company

Find out what the Roundtable thinks of this release.

This was live-streamed on The Smoking Syndicate Facebook page. A condensed version will be packaged after the show as well on YouTube and on our podcast network. Broadcast time is 9:30pm Eastern time, 8:30pm Central time.