Sergio Montoflo, who served as the Executive Vice President of Operations at Phillips & King, passed away suddenly on January 28, 2023.

Montfolo, who was recently promoted to Executive Vice President had over a 25-year career at Phillips & King, a subsidiary of Kretek International. He had become one of the most respected and beloved people among his peers, colleagues, and partners.

In an article by Tobacco Business Magazine (also a subsidiary of Kretek International), Montfolo’s accomplishments were summarized as “Believing in the importance of character, honesty, and the strength of relationships, Sergio championed the company’s growth and dominant presence in the industry over the past three decades. He deftly navigated new product categories, a changing regulatory environment, and emerging technologies, while ensuring that customer service, people, and partnerships were always at the core of the company values and its decision-making.”

Sergio Montolfo is survived by his wife of 30 years, Laurel, as well as his children: sons Mateo and Maddox, and daughter Madison.