Luciano Cigars has announced it has expanded its manufacturing and agricultural operations. This includes moving the Luciano Cigars factory into a larger facility in Estelí, Nicaragua. The company has also announced it has expanded its farming and tobacco processing facilities in Pueblo Nuevo, Jalapa and Condega. These are the latest moves made by the company since it rebranded from ACE Prime and established its own independent distribution.

The new Luciano Cigars factory is the former facility once occupied by Nicaraguan Cigars S.A (NACSA). In anticipation of increased production, Luciano Cigars is planning a second facility dedicated to private labels and second projects. The company says there is a new manufacturing strategic partnership coming, and it expects its production capacity to surpass four million cigars in 2023.

“I find myself seeing 2023 as that sweet spot between innovation and the commitment to the traditions that have shaped our company and industry. I can’t describe the excitement of our team; it’s the payout of our resilience and each member of our team’s hard work,” commented CEO Luciano Meirelles in a press release.

On the distribution front, Luciano Cigars has said it has restocked its inventory and is now shipping all of its brands to retailers including Luciano The Dreamer, Fiat Lux, Maria Lucia, Mas Igenus, and MXS. The company has also said it will not be raising its prices.

Photo Credits: Luciano Cigars