Quality Importers Trading Company (QI) has announced the launch of the Quality Importers Qualified Program. This program is designed as a loyalty program for Brick & Mortar retail stores that feature premium cigar accessories from the Quality Importers family of brands.

The Qualified Program is a loyalty program designed to reward retailers who reach key spending tiers and carry four core brands: Humidor Supreme, Xikar, Palio, and Cigar Caddy. Retailers who qualify for the program will receive larger discounts, immediate savings on their shipping costs, exclusive product offerings, access to promotional goods designed to aid sell-out, and the ability to become a Xikar Authorized Warranty Location.

As a Xikar Authorized Warranty Location, retailers who are members of the Qualified Program will have the ability to repair or exchange Xikar products with manufacturing defects for their customers that are covered under the Xikar Limited Lifetime Warranty. This is to serve in addition to the Xikar Limited Lifetime Warranty consumer portal which has served thousands of loyal Xikar consumers to date.

In a press release, Michael Giordano, CEO and Founder of QI, notes, “We are grateful for every customer who has joined us on our journey these past 23 years, and we have launched this program as a way to thank those of you who have grown with us and invite new customers to see the benefits of joining the QI family. The Qualified Program is just another example of how we put your customer feedback into action as part of our QI 3.0 initiative that was launched last year.”

Benefits of the Qualified Program are extended as soon as a retailer hits the qualifications (spend and brands) and last through the next calendar year. The company will be auto-enrolling retailers who met the key spending tiers in 2022 into the program and these retailers will gain benefits immediately for 2023.

Joseph Gro, QI Director of Marketing and Communications, added, “We crafted this program with the retailers top of mind, as our team intimately knows the challenges you face. Our goal is to make your lives easier while making more money for your business. QI is the one true source of all your premium cigar accessory needs. With just one call our team will expertly service those needs, allowing you more time to focus on your store and customers.”

The Qualified Program is being launched in conjunction with Quality Importers Trading Company celebrating its 23rd anniversary this year.