Last year E.P. Carrillo turned to its consumers to select a blend that would become the limited edition E.P. Carrillo
Platinum Bash. This year, E.P. Carrillo its turning to its consumers once again – but this time it’s soliciting input from them on the development of a new project known as Escapade by E.P. Carrillo.

The company is launching a series of virtual sessions known as “Burn and Learn” and the first will take place on June 12. During the session, the opportunity will be provided to engage directly with the E.P. Carrillo team (including Master Blender Ernesto Perez-Carrillo), ask questions, and share thoughts. The company is limiting space to ten people.

Once the sessions are complete, the company will create a three-pack featuring blends inspired by the session participants, with a round of voting similar to that of the Platinum Bash release. E.P.Carrillo says the Escapade blend will eventually be launched in 2024 as either a limited or full release.

The company is asking those who want to participate to email and in the subject write “Escapade.” In the body list three things you would like to see in this new blend. E.P. Carrillo will randomly select participants from the pool of RSVPs to attend the event.

Update 6/12/23: Included information on the three-pack and 2024 release