Scott Vines (L), Ricardo Carioni (Right); Photo Credit: Tor Imports

Tor Imports has announced that Ricardo Carioni will step down as the COO of the company. Carioni will transition out of the role, which will conclude after the 2023 PCA Trade Show in Las Vegas.

“Ricardo has been instrumental in building and developing strong relationships within the trade, acting as a lively ambassador for New World Cigars in the UK. His charismatic influence and relentless dedication have contributed significantly to the growth and expansion of our portfolio. I’m thankful for his friendship, his contributions and excited about both of our futures”, said Scott Vines, Managing Director of Tor Imports Ltd in a press release.

Tor Imports is an importer for the United Kingdom for cigars from Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. The press release noted Carinoni’s contributions, including the fact that his leadership ensured that Tor Imports is prepared to handle legislative changes well in advance. An example is the implementation of the Track & Trace measures, which will come into action in 2024.

“Working with and learning from Scott and the rest of my TOR family has genuinely been one of my career’s greatest highlights and privileges. I consider Tor as one of the finest institutions of the cigar world, an extraordinary source of knowledge and experience with an exciting present and future. I’ll always be deeply grateful for Scott’s mentorship. Our profound personal friendship and professional relationship will only keep strengthening and growing over the weeks, months, and years to come”, added Carioni.