On July 3, 2012, Cigar Coop made the decision to become a 365-day-a-year publication. Since then we have never looked back and today marks 4,000 consecutive days of publishing original content!

This is an important milestone for Cigar Coop. Our goal was to show that Cigar Coop was a brand that was here for the long haul and daily publication of original content is the strongest mechanism to deliver on that promise. In three weeks we will have a similar post as (fingers crossed), the streak will hit 11 years.

The cigar media landscape has changed quite a bit since this streak began. At Cigar Coop, we’ve tried to always be true to our principles in what we do. While it hasn’t always been perfect, we hope you see that as the differentiator.

This would not be possible without our readers, sponsors, and strategic partners.  Of course a huge thank you to the Cigar Coop team which is the best in the industry.

Thank you all. It’s an honor each time everyone takes the time to be a part of our space in the premium cigar world.