Let the madness begin. It’s that time of the year when we cover the annual Premium Cigar Association Trade Show. This will be our 13th year covering the show on Cigar Coop. While the Trade Show takes place from July 7 through July 11, we will have plenty of opportunity to deliver PCA content to you in the weeks leading up to the show and the weeks following.

This year as we have, our coverage will be delivered by the Cigar Coop Coalition Team – the combined efforts of Cigar Coop – The Magazine (a term I’m using to describe our written content on Cigar-Coop.com), The Smoking Syndicate, and El Oso Fumar. There will be plenty of written content on Cigar Coop and lots of podcasts and video content to follow.

Once again the  team of Will Cooper, Bear Duplisea, Ben Lee and Erron Nielsen will be bringing you our coverage.

As such you will see the following:

Cigar Coop – The Magazine: The Big Board!

  • Cigar Big Board: Bookmark this URL – www.cigarbigboard.com.  Here we keep you up to date on who is going to the show and what products are being showcased. These will link to all our Cigar Coop – The Magazine content on the products being featured at PCA. This is content all intended to go “beyond the press release”.
  • Daily PCA Trade Show Recaps: We will give you a short recap article on our observations from the Trade Show
  • The Big PCA Trade Show Recap: This will be published toward the end of July and will give you the most comprehensive breakdown of the Trade Show
  • PCA Post Game Booth Reports:  Our unique four-dimensional view of the Trade Show.  We bring to you written word, photography, audio, and video. The audio and video components are also broadcast as part of our PCA Happy Hour series, and the publishing of the content on Cigar Coop – The Magazine will coincide with that.

Cigar Coop – The Magazine: Our Annual Four-Part Pre-Game Series

This has been a part of our PCA Trade Show coverage since 2012!!!!  The final two parts are always our most controversial stories of the year.

  • Sunday 6/25/23: PCA Pre-Game Series Part 1: The Logistics
  • Sunday 7/2/23: PCA Pre-Game Series Part 2: The Things to Watch
  • Thursday 7/6/23: PCA Pre-Game Series Part 3: Predictions for the Impact Cigars
  • Friday 7/7/23: PCA Pre-Game Series Part 4: Selection for “The Company” of the 2023 PCA Trade Show

Prime Time Show: Our Annual PCA Pre-Game Series

On the Prime Time Show, we will have four shows leading into the PCA Trade Show. This will be using the same format has we have for the past three years. We will kick off with a discussion with PCA Executive Director Scott Pearce. This will be followed up with our PCA-focused panel show.  The last two weeks are our “Virtual Trade Expo” where we give companies a chance to talk about their product releases

  • Thursday 6/8/23 Prime Time Episode 271: Scott Pearce, Executive Director
  • Thursday 6/15/23 Prime Time Episode 272: Panel Show
  • Thursday 6/22/23: Prime Time Episode 273: Virtual Trade Expo, Week 1
  • Thursday 6/29/23: Prime Time Episode 273: Virtual Trade Expo, Week 2

Cigar Coop Coalition: PCA Happy Hour Post-Game Series

Starting date TBD (shortly after the PCA closes), 5pm ET. This is our video/audio recap series from PCA 2023. Each day, we will release one to two features from the leading companies who exhibited at our Trade Show.

Social Media

During the show, we will also be posting content to Cigar Coop, The Smoking Syndicate, and El Oso Fumar’s social media channels.