The third Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show for Jake Wyatt Cigar Company was this year. This year would be one of the biggest for Jake Wyatt as the company unveiled a new line, made some significant packaging changes, and created some new merchandising options. All of the things being shown off by Jake Wyatt were quite impressive, but to me, the one thing that really stands out about Jake Wyatt is the focus the company has on educating both its consumers and its retailers. This was evident throughout the presentation at the Jake Wyatt booth in 2023.

If you have followed Jake Wyatt Cigar Company when it released Lithium, you will remember the company did a soft launch at the TPE Trade Show – followed by a full launch at the PCA Trade Show. Jake Wyatt’s signature release for 2023 is the J.W. Maverick and the company followed the same pattern to launch that cigar. Earlier this year, the J.W. Maverick was launched in a Toro size packaged in ten-count bundles. At PCA, a Robusto and Gordo Box-Pressed was added to the lineup – and all three are now packaged in 22-count boxes. The 22-count box is a nod to Jake Wyatt co-owner Neil Garcia who wore #22 while playing pro ball.

Jake Wyatt is named for Garcia and his partner Gerard Abajian sons’ names: Jake for Garcia’s son, Wyatt for Gerard’s son. The name J.W. Maverick extends on that in that the initials reference Jake and Wyatt, while Maverick is the name for another Abujian. The line is intended to be the strongest offering in the Jake Wyatt portfolio. The blend features a San Andres Maduro wrapper over a Corojo binder and fillers consisting of Pennsylvania Broadleaf, Criollo, and Piloto Cubano tobaccos. Pricing for the line ranges from $9.00 to $11.00 SRP. Production comes from Casamorabo Tabacalera in the Dominican Republic.

Packaging-wise, changes are coming to the boxes and bands across the lines. The company is changing its box vistas to include education about the blend and the smoking experience. The Vista will also include a QR code that can be scanned to get more education on the cigar. The QR code will go to a YouTube page where the company has invested in filming 4k videos that provide technical details on the cigar.

The company is also making changes to its bands. The bands will now feature the company name and the JW logo is now going to be gold instead of silver. The company has also changed the boxes of its existing lines to include a Spot UV design.

On the merchandising front, the company is introducing new four-count boxes. The company says people tend to do things in fours as opposed to fives, so it made sense to introduce a four-count pack. These four-packs are being done for the Robusto and Toro offerings in the portfolio. Each box features a prominent picture of the cigar on the side of the box. There is a QR code to learn more about the cigar and a UPC code to make it easier for retailers.

Finally, the company has introduced a display tray that will allow retailers to display boxes, the four-count packs, and individual cigars.

Interview with Gerard Abajian, Jake Wyatt Cigar Company

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