Back in 2021, at Habanos World Days, Habanos S.A. announced the 28th installment of the Colección Habanos. The Colleccíon Habanos is called the “book release” because the cigars are housed in book-style packaging. The release of the 2021 Collección Habanos would contain the Cohiba Ideales – a vitola measuring 56 x 175mm (56 x 6 7/8 – known as “Modernas” in the factory). This week, Hunters & Frankau, the distributor in the United Kingdom for Habanos S.A., announced the availability of the 2021 Colección Habanos Cohiba in the UK, exclusively through the La Casa del Habano (LCDH) network. The cigars have also made their way to other retailers internationally. The big story around this release has been the price point – which has been reported at £8,000 per 20-count box or £8,000. That translates to £400 or $509.00 USD per cigar.

There are 3,000 2021 Collección Habanos boxes being released. Regarding what you can expect to pay, it will most likely be more than £400 per cigar, given demand. The cigars are intended to be sold at LCDH, but they are already making a mark on the secondary market. A quick Google search of the Cohiba Ideales saw some online retailers listing this as high as £18,065.76, which at current conversion rates translates to $22,975.34 USD per box or $1,148.00 USD per cigar.

Last year, Habanos S.A. announced it would begin pricing the Cohiba and Trinidad brands based on the Hong Kong market. This has triggered massive price increases for these brands globally.

Photo Credit: Habanos S.A.