Starting August 21, 2023 at 12pm ET, the auctions to secure one of the six Tatuaje Anarchy NFTs will begin. The project is a collaboration between Smoke Inn, Tatuaje, S.T. Dupont, and Quality Importers.

Bidding for the auctions will run for 48 hours.  Each NFT auction will have a unique piece of artwork for the collection set associated with the Tatuaje Anarchy package that is being bid on. There is also a seventh NFT that has already been secured by Smoke Inn proprietor Abe Dababneh.

The winner of each auction will be entitled to the Tatuaje Anarchy NFT Edition set, which includes the rights to acquire 15 15-count boxes of the Tatuaje NFT Edition once per quarter. In addition, the winners of the NFT will also receive the Tatuaje Anarchy NFT Edition humidor containing 60 Anarchy NFT Edition Cigars with 15 Tatuaje Anarchy Pale Horse versions of the vitola, boasting an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper (Only 105 of these Pale Horse versions have been made). Additionally, the winner will receive a Ligne 2 Lighter by S.T. Dupont of Paris, a Xikar Perfect Xi1 cutter, a crystal ashtray, and a 24″x 36″ framed print, all featuring the unique artwork of their specific NFT.

To enter the auction site, click here. Follow the bidding here:

The auctions will be handled by UREEQA which also has package of proof technology to provide security and authenticity to the NFT purchasers.

The schedule with the associated artwork appear below.

The Prime Time Show did a preview of the Tatuaje Anarchy NFT back on August 1.

For more details on the Tatuaje Anarchy NFT Package, see our 2023 PCA Pre-Game coverage below:

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Photo Credits: Smoke Inn
Video Credit: Cigar Coop