Flor de Selva No. 15 (2022)

Today, we look at Maya Selva Cigars’ Flor de Selva No. 15 from a 2022 vintage. Earlier in 2023, Maya Selva Cigars released a special vintage set of its Flor De Selva No. 15 release. The release contains two sets of ten cigars. Ten of the cigars were rolled in 2022 and then aged. The set also includes ten cigars rolled in 2012 and then aged. The concept is for the consumer to smoke these cigars close together in time and decide how the cigar has held up over time. Today’s focus will be on the Flor de Selva No. 15 rolled in 2022. We will follow up with a second Agile Review covering the cigar rolled in 2012 and then compare the two cigars.


The Flor de Selva No. 15 is a Honduran puro highlighted by a Honduran-grown Connecticut Shade wrapper. The No. 15 is a 5 1/2 x 54 belicoso. Production comes out of Honduras. This size was created across several lines in the Maya Selva portfolio to commemorate 15 years in business. The 2012-2022 is available in 20-count boxes (consisting of ten cigars from 2012 and ten from 2022, or two-count packs (one cigar from 2012 and one from 2022)

  • Wrapper: Honduran Connecticut
  • Binder: Honduran
  • Filler: Honduran
  • Country of Origin: Honduras
  • Factory: San Judas Tadeo
  • No. 15: 5 1/2 x 54

Photo Credit: Maya Selva Cigars



The Flor de Selva No. 15 2022 vintage opened up with notes of cream, classic wood, cedar, black pepper, and a marshmallow-like sweetness. Early on, the cream notes were primary, but later in the first this, the classic wood notes took over. By the second third, the cedar notes joined the classic wood notes. This was rounded out by the marshmallow, black pepper, and cream notes. Toward the end of the second third, the cream notes dissipated. The final third saw the wood and cedar notes in control. The pepper was the most prominent secondary note, and the marshmallow notes were more distant. There was a soft, cool nub to finish the smoking experience.

The Flor de Selva No. 15 2022 flavors were medium-bodied and countered by mild to medium strength. The draw had a touch of resistance – which made it ideal. As for the burn, it maintained a straight burn path and straight burn line, but it needed frequent touch-ups.

Flor de Selva No. 15 (Top -2022 Vintage, Bottom-2012 Vintage)



Final Thoughts

I like the vintage concept that Maya Selva Cigars has introduced for the Flor de Selva No. 15. I have also been a fan of the Flor de Selva line. Like many of the Flor de Selva cigars, they seem blended to the specific size. I enjoy a belicoso, but I prefer other sizes to this blend. I will keep that position from smoking the Flor de Selva No. 15 2022 vintage.

The two-pack sampler carries an MSRP of $39.95. Since we are assessing the 2022, I will assume one would buy that sampler (or the 20-count box). I advise trying a sample if you can before investing in a sampler.


Key Flavors: Cream, Wood, Cedar, Marshmallow, Pepper
Burn:  Very Good
Draw: Excellent
Complexity: Medium
Strength: Mild to Medium
Body: Medium
Finish: Very Good


Value: Try a Sample
Score: 88


Previous Assessment: Flor de Selva Toro by Maya Selva Cigars
News: Maya Selva Cigars Releases Flor de Selva No. 15 2012-2022 Set
Price: $39.50 (2 Pack for the vintage sampler); $13.15 for a regular No. 15
Source: Maya Selva Cigars
Brand Reference: Maya Selva Cigars

Photo Credits: Cigar Coop, except where noted

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