Prime Time Jukebox

On Prime Time Jukebox Episode 113, Dave and Coop embark on their own individual journeys, dubbed “Down the Rabbit Hole.” The two start with a familiar song and then go down the path of selecting a song inspired by that song. Each will go through nine iterations of this exercise and choose a song from the inspired previous song selected. Ultimately, we will see where this journey takes each of them.

Plus, it is a huge week of music news going on – including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Grammys, the new Beatles Song, the new Rolling Stones album, Dave’s report on the Paul McCartney concert, and the question of whether a Taylor Swift Back Lash is coming.

In this episode, Dave smokes the Jericho Hill Jack Brown by Crowned Heads, and Coop smokes the Julius Caesar Toast Across America Shark by J.C. Newman.

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