Xikar Xi1 Perfect Cut

Quality Importers Trading Company has announced the global release of the Xikar Xi1 Perfect Cut. This product was released as a limited exclusive to South Florida retailer Smoke Inn in July 2023.

The Xi1 Perfect Cut builds on the Xi1’s signature teardrop design but goes a step further. It features a closed-back design that produces a smooth cut across the cap of your cigar every time without any guesswork.

In a press release, Jimmy Miudo, Executive Vice President of Product Design, Sourcing, and Business Intelligence at Quality Importers, stated, “The XI1 Perfect Cut ensures that users will have a precise cut every time; this is the perfect gift for the beginner cigar smoker, as the cutter won’t damage cigars!”

The Xi1 Perfect Cut is available in four colors: Blue, Red, Black, and Silver. Pricing per cutter is $84.99 SRP. Quality Importers are anticipated to showcase the Xi1Perfect Cut at the Total Products Expo (TPE) 2024. TPE 2024 opens in Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 31, 2024.

For further information, see our coverage from July 2023:

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Image Credits: Quality Importers Trading Co.