Gurkha Coleccíon Especial Suspended

Gurkha Cigar Group International has announced it is temporarily suspending its Gurkha Colección Especial line.

The Gurkha Colección Especial was released as an annual limited run of cigars. The Colección Especial was highlighted by an Ecuadorian hybrid wrapper. This wrapper was in limited supply because it was difficult to cultivate. Thus, the annual production of the Colección Especial had to be limited.

This past year, heavy rains and extreme heat hit Ecuador due to El Niño, impacting crop production. Because of the low yield of tobacco crops coming from Ecuador, it would make it even harder for the hybrid wrapper to be procured for the Colección Especial. This has led to the decision to suspend production of the Colección Especial. While Gurkha says it has suspended production, it is not discontinuing the line. The company says it is pausing until there is more wrapper in supply.

“We’ve decided to put a pause of the release of this year’s production for Colección Especial,” says Jim Colucci, President of Gurkha Cigar Group, in a press release. “The cigar is fantastic largely in part to the flavor of it’s hybrid Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. With the popularity it has gained across the world, we’re having a hard time securing enough viable wrapper to sustain the demand, as many of the crops were not able to fully cultivate this past year. We expect to be back at full swing of production in the coming years, but for now we’re pausing the brand for about 3-6 months.”

Meanwhile, the company is getting ready to take the Gurkha Coleccíon Especial Nicaragua into production. This is a Nicaraguan Puro that was released in a 6 1/8 x 544 Piramide to the TAA last year. At the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show, the Gurkha Colección Especial will be released as an ongoing line.

This past year, Developing Palates named the Gurkha Colección Especial Lonsdale its #4 Cigar of the Year.

Photo Credit: Cigar Coop