Quesada Corner Casa Magna Colorado Lancero

On this installment of the Quesada Corner, we smoke the Casa Magna Colorado Lancero.

It was back in 2008 when the first Casa Magna cigar was introduced to the market, the Casa Magna Colorado. Since then, Casa Magna has become a very successful brand for Quesada Cigars. Late in 2023, Quesada Cigars brought back a lancero size in its Casa Magna Colorado line for a limited run. The previous iteration of the lancero measured 8 1/4 x 40. This one is more traditional coming in at 7 x 40.

The Casa Magna Colorado Lancero Quesada Corner will be live-streamed off The Smoking Syndicate Facebook page. A condensed version will be packaged after the show as well on YouTube and on our podcast network. Broadcast time is 9:30pm Eastern time, 8:30pm Central time on 3/6/24.