Xikar Flip Dual Cutter

At the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show, Quality Importers Trading Company will introduce the Xikar Flip Dual Cutter. This is a cutter that offers two cutting options in on unit: V-cut and traditional straight cut.

The V-cut design is based on the Xikar VX2 design. The unit measures  1.79” wide, 0.66” deep, and 3.07” in length. It is capable of cutting a cigar up to a 64 ring gauge. Featuring the Secure-Lock system, this cutter boasts a user-friendly spring-loaded release mechanism. This system allows for one-handed operation for the Flip Dual Cutter. Quality Importers has said the unit is designed to easily switch between V-cut and straight cut.

The Xikar Flip Dual Cutter is available in six finishes: Black, Black & Bronze, Bronze, Brushed Chrome, Gunmetal,
and Red. Each unit is priced at $84.99.

In a press release Jimmy Miudo, Executive Vice President of Product Design, Sourcing, and Business Intelligence at Quality Importers, commented “I purposely built this cutter on the immensely popular VX2 cutter design. All cigarenthusiasts should have the Flip Dual Cutter in their cigar arsenal. It offers a 2-for-1 cutting experience from Xikar, providing affordable luxury and convenience for anyone who enjoys their cigars.

The 2024 PCA Trade Show opens March 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photo Credits: Quality Importers Trading Co.