La Barba Laudisi

La Barba Cigars has announced that Laudisi Distribution Group (LDG), the wholesale division of Laudisi Enterprises will now handle it U.S. distribution.

Previously La Barba Cigars’ distribution was handled by Down and Back LLC, the distribution company owned by Robert Caldwell. Back in February, Laudisi Enterprises acquired Caldwell Cigar Company, and Lost & Found Cigars. Since the acquisition, La Barba Cigars’ owner Tony Bellatto was finalizing the arrangement for how his brands would be distributed. Given the long relationship with Robert Caldwell (who joined Laudisi) and the fact that Bellatto was a co-owner of Lost & Found, Laudisi was a fit for Bellatto to switch distribution to them.

In a press release, Tony Bellatto commented, “Partnering with Laudisi Distribution Group marks a significant milestone for La Barba Cigars. LDG’s reputation for excellence and dedication to promoting premium tobacco align perfectly with our values. Together, we look forward to bringing the unique experience of La Barba Cigars to enthusiasts nationwide”.

Laudisi Enterprises is headquartered in South Carolina outside the Myrtle Beach area.