Xikar Xi80 Perfect Cut

Quality Importers Trading Company has announced the Xikar Xi80 Perfect Cut. This expands the Xikar Perfect Cut series to handle up to 80-ring gauge. The Perfect Cut builds on the Xi’s signature teardrop design but goes a step further. It features a closed-back design that produces a smooth cut across the cap of your cigar every time without any guesswork. The new units were available at the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show.

The Xi80 Perfect Cut measures 2.25” wide, 0.33” deep, and 3.86” tall (57 x 8.5 x 98 mm). The double guillotine unit features stainless steel blades released by a spring-loaded mechanism activated by the trigger button.

In a press release, Jimmy Miudo, Executive Vice President of Product Design, Sourcing, and Business Intelligence at Quality Importers, commented, “XIKAR® continues to meet the desires of cigar aficionados – providing a precise cut for large cigars without compromising their integrity. With the XI80 Perfect Cut, users can expect an exact cut every time for larger cigars up to an 80-ring gauge.”

The Xikar XI80 Perfect Cut is priced at $54.99 per unit and includes Xikar’s limited lifetime warranty.

Photo Credit: Quality Importers Trading Company