S.T. Dupont Fire X

S.T. Dupont Fire X Collection (Photo Credit: John McTavish, Developing Palates)

The S.T. Dupont Fire X was showcased at the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show. It’s a contemporary-styled collection of S.T. Dupont’s popular cigar accessories highlighted geometric patterns.

The most premium offering in the collection is the Line 2 Fire X. Available in three finishes, these feature engravings for a three-dimensional effect.

  • Line 2 Fire X Gold (SRP $1395.00)
  • Line 2 Fire X Palladium (SRP $1395.00)
  • Line 2 Fire X Black (SRP $1395.00)

The other accessories in the collection have geometric pattern designs but are not engraved. Except for the ashtray, each is available in Chrome/Black finish.

  • Biggy Fire X (SRP $425.00)
  • Slimmy X (SRP $350.00)
  • Twiggy X (SRP $350.00)
  • Cigar Cutter (SRP $260.00)
  • Ashtray (Black) (SP $450.00)

S.T. Dupont is distributed in the U.S. by Coles of London.

Photo Credits: S.T. Dupont, unless specified