Prime Time Special Edition Seven Year

On Prime Time Special Edition 159, it’s our 7 year anniversary show.

Tonight we go back to the roots of Special Edition and commemorate with a thematic show. We use tonight to launch a new series within this show called “Cigar Draft”. Cigar Drafts are nothing new and have been going on in cigar media for over 15 years. Tonight we will pick our on spin of the Cigar Draft as we draft cigars from the CA Top 25 list of 2014.

Plus, we have our Vintage Rock-A-Feller Cigar Group U.S. History segment, Tabacalera USA Great Things are Happening Here, and Espinosa This Day in Sports History segments.


All of this is on the newsmagazine show for the cigar industry – Tune into Prime Time Special Edition 159: Seven Year Anniversary Show – Cigar Draft #1 on Facebook Live for the live stream – 9:15 pm EST, 8:15 pm CST.