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ADVentura entered the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show after undergoing significant changes over the previous six months from both a production and distribution end. It’s well-known the company was significantly impacted by a fire that destroyed the factory it was using, Tabacalera William Ventura. Last year, ADVentura decided to handle production by building its own factory, Tabacalera Mina del Rey. Meanwhile, the company also changed distribution partners, moving from Sutliff Tobacco to City of Palms. The changes have opened the road for ADVentura to continue evolving its brand. The long-awaited third installment to the Royal Return series debuted this year. On top of it, there is a follow-up release to 2022’s Barbarroja’s Invasion.

The third installment of the Royal Return Series is the Royal Return Chancellor. The series follows explorers as they bring back gifts for the Queen and King from their sea voyages.  Alongside the King is the Chancellor, an officer second only to the King. In this case, the Chancellor is sales representative Adrian Acosta. As a member of the Elite Broker program, Acosta was given the opportunity to create this blend with ADVentura. The blend introduces a Corojo-wrapped offering to The Royal Return line. Of note is that the blend includes tobacco from the Acosta family. Acosta’s father specializes in tobacco seed germination and has set aside some tobacco for this particular project. The ADVentura Royal Return Chancellor measures 52 x 6 and is sold in ten-count boxes. Furthermore, it is the first new project shipped from the Tabacalera Mina Del Rey facility.

This summer, ADVentura is launching a new cigar called Blue Eyed Jack’s Revenge, which is a sequel to Barbarroja’s Invasion. Barbarroja is a character introduced in 2022 with the release of Barbarroja’s Invasion, which had a darker theme. The Barbarroja’s Invasion cigar comes in a talking box, and we have been informed that the packaging for Blue Eyed Jack’s Revenge will also feature a talking box. The cigar will be available in three sizes: Corona, Robusto, and Toro.

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