ADVentura City of Palms

ADVentura Cigars has announced it will work with City of Palms Cigar Distribution Services as its new U.S. distributor. The change will be effective December 18, 2023.

It’s the second major recent change for ADV & McKay Cigars Co, S.R.L., the parent company of ADVentura Cigars. Earlier this month, it was announced that ADV & McKay was moving all production to its own dedicated factory, Tabacalera Mina del Rey.

“We have many new beginnings this year, and wanted a distribution partner that was both experienced and nimble,” says Marcel Knobel, Co-Founder of ADV & McKay Cigars Co. S.R.L. in a press release. “We are fortunate to have a pre-built relationship with the Dinkins and are looking forward to carving out a partnership dedicated to boutique premium cigars.”

Henderson Ventura, Co-Founder also added: “Kevin and Anne are two of the hardest working people we know, that put customers first, and we are looking forward to making it easier and faster for ADV to get to our customers.”

”Having ADVentura Cigars join us is a privilege and definitely quite the honor. We are excited to provide the logistical support that allows the amazing ADVentura team to continue to grow their brand and expand their presence with fantastic premium cigar retailers around the US and we are deeply humbled and appreciative of the confidence and friendship we have built with ADVentura over the years. We are ready to put our experience and service to use and get ADVentura’s amazing cigars headed to their customers immediately!” said Kevin Dinkins, President and CEO of City of Palms Cigar Distribution.

City of Palms Cigar Distribution Services, LLC provides distribution services in the U.S. for premium boutique hand rolled cigar companies. The company provides services such as importing, bonded warehousing, inventory control, invoicing, shipping, payment processing, commission processing, monthly reporting, and other services to brand owners.

ADVentura Cigars was previously distributed by Sutliff Tobacco in the U.S. market.