S.T. Dupont Gradient Collection

S.T. Dupont has announced a new USA-exclusive collection known as the Gradient Collection. The collection showcases S.T. Dupont’s ability to apply natural lacquer to ultra-premium lighters.

The collection features two distinct finishes, La Flamme and La Mer. Each features hues that are blended to create a gradient effect. For cigar enthusiasts, these finishes are offered in the Line 2 collection.

The lighters are produced in S.T. Dupont’s factory in Faverges, France. Production involves a two-stage process. The first stage involves applying up to nine layers of natural lacquer that are hand-painted to the brass body of each lighter. Once this base lacquer is polished and prepared, the second stage involves spraying an additional “pearlescent” lacquer in small spurts to create the gradient effect.

The La Flamme features orange and yellow hues that are blended and accented by black PVD trims. The suggested retail price is $1,650.00.

Meanwhile, the La Mer features turquoise and blue hues that are blended and accented by palladium trims. The suggested retail price is $1,495.00.

The S.T. Dupont Gradient Collection also includes fountain pens and roller ball pens. For both finishes, the fountain pen retails for $975.00 SRP, and the roller ball pen is $775.00 SRP.

Photo Credits: S.T. Dupont