LGP Liga Privada Pancetta

On Episode 15 of Let’s Get Pairing (LGP), Tripp Waldrop and Denis Tsvang tackle pairings around the Liga Privada Pancetta by Drew Estate.

The Pancetta is a part of the Liga Privada Unico Serie. It is an annual release has been exclusive to only two retailers since it was introduced in 2019. Pancetta is a 4 3/4 x 50 Belicoso. The blend of the Pancetta is described as a mash-up between the Liga Privada T52 and the Liga Privada Unico Serie Feral Flying Pig.

Due to age restrictions, you may need to click on watch on You Tube if you want to watch Let’s Get Pairing(LGP) Episode 15, Liga Privada Pancetta. below:

Music credit: “Sweet n Dirty” by Mr Smith.

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