Meerapfel Meir Corona Gorda Lonsdale

Meerapfel Cigar is adding two sizes to its Meir Master Blend line: a Corona Gorda (5 1/2 x 46) and a Lonsdale (6 3/4 x 43).

The Meerapfel Master Series is based on what the company refers to as “UberLuxury.” “UberLuxury” uses the best materials and processes to deliver a next-level ultra-premium experience. The Master Series also pays homage to the history of the Meerapfel family. The blend is named for Meir Meerapfel, who is credited with establishing the first Meerapfel family cigar factory back in September 1876.

“Respecting the history of the Meerapfel family and cigar culture, we have selected these classical vitolas to proudly stage the genuine Meerapfel vintage Cameroon wrapper, which dresses all our Master Blends. The Meir Master Blend, radiating elegance and finesse, is particularly amplified in these vitolas, culminating in a very complex and mystical experience,” saya Reinhard Pohorec, Vice President of Meerapfel Cigar.

The cigars come in humidity-controlled 25-count chests. Both sizes are limited to 613 chests per year. Pricing for the Corona Gorda is €46.00 EUR/$43.00 USD. The Lonsdale is priced at €55.00 EUR/$51.00 USD). The Meir Corona Gorda and Lonsdale sizes are now shipping.

Photo Credit: Meerapfel Cigar