I. Review Policies

Our review policies are documented in detail here.

II. Press Policies

Our press policies are documented in detail here.

II. Assessment Standards

A. When samples provided by the manufacturer or a retailer are used, they are disclosed.

B. Once an actual assessment is written, the cigar is strictly scored on merit and performance. A relationship with the manufacturer and brand owner is not factored in, nor is a relationship with a current, past, or future sponsor.

C.All cigars that are assessed are given a “blank slate” to start.  In other words, we can be the biggest fan of the brand, or not a fan at all – but in the end this will not have an impact on the assessment.


Typically contests are reserved for the Stogie Geeks Podcast. Our Contest Rules are documented here.

IV. Press Releases/Breaking News

A.Our focus is on original worded content, so typically we do not “re-post” a press release verbatim unless an agreement is done with the manufacturer.

From time to time, this web-site will publish press releases, but in general they are used to develop original content.  Cigar Coop reserves the right to reject a press release if it does not fit in with the web-site’s mission or is not in the best interest of Cigar Coop.

B. In order for something to be categorized as a press release, it must be labeled by the manufacturer as a press release.  It must be made available to the widespread cigar media.  It must be emailed or physcially given to Cigar Coop.

V.Personal Conduct

This web-site strives to treat the cigar industry with respect on an on-going basis.   It will not be a forum to slam people in the cigar industry , cigar media or other cigar enthusiasts.   From time to time, we may express a strong opinion, but will always not make it a personal attack.  The same respect will be extended to social media extensions of this web-site – namely Twitter, Facebook, and various forums. If you are looking for a Twitter or Facebook flame war, we are sorry to disappoint you, but we do not participate.

While we do not want to censor audience comments, if we find they are in violation of the personal conduct guidelines they will be removed. Repeat offenders will be blocked from making further comments.

VI. Reciprocal Links

While we appreciate the offer, the brands of Cigar Coop and Stogie Geeks do not participate in reciprocal links anymore.