First up, I posted an article on how five members of the Pleasure Police decided to call the Cincinnati Health Department when the Reds decided to light up a celebratory cigar.

Bravo to the CRA for jumping all over this, but where is the Cigar Community?   The only people I have seen even up in arms are the good folks at Corona Cigar Company – who posted this on their Facebook page.   The Cigar Community needs to be all over this.   Yes, I know what the Reds did violated a health code, but we need to fight back and stop these ordinances from passing so we don’t have nonsense like this. Sometimes I wonder if this is why we as Cigar Enthusiasts are losing our war to enjoy our products. 

Anyway, there is a great article in the Cincinnati Enquirer that rips what these members of the Pleasure Police did.  Even if you are anti-tobacco, I think you can understand a lot of what they talk about when it comes to a potential “Nanny State”.

Click here to read the article.