While the battle rages on against the Pleasure Police, all is not lost.  Yes, folks the Pleasure Police are being beaten.   This is because tobacco enthusiasts and local businessmen are getting involved.

Congratulations to the city of Minot, North Dakota – a committee has rejected a proposal that would have expanded a tobacco ban into bars.   Businesses realized the intrusiveness of this propoasl.

The article below describes the story.   But this quote from the article from a local smoke-free bar owner sums it all up.   It’s important we keep up the fight and hold our politicians accountable when nonsense like this comes up.

Fred Mueller, who owns the smoke-free bar, Sports on Tap, urged the committee to vote down the proposed ordinance:

“We have plenty of choice here in Minot to go wherever you want to go. I do firmly believe it’s a true statement that some bars are going to fail if they go smoke-free,” he said. “Freedom of choice for legal activities is really what we need to think about here.” — Source: Committee rejects expansion of smoking restrictions in Minot, Schram, Jill, Minot Daily News

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