Some more commentary – short and simple on the Raleigh NC Outdoor Smoking Ban Proposal.  How about going back to fundamentals and using good old common courtesy?

The IPCPR issued an article on this.   This might seem obvious to many, but at the same time it can be effective.  I can’t speak for cigarette smokers, but from my personal point of view, most Cigar Enthusiasts already execute common courtesy every single day.   I guarantee the percentage of Cigar Enthusiasts that have been asked to move or put out a tobacco product is less than 1 percent .  Perhaps some extra guidance or signage as opposed to “regulation” could even reduce that percentage more. 

So here is a great example of saying “NO” to more government regulation and intrusion.   I encourage everyone to read the article issues by the IPCPR by clicking here.

Side note: For those who think this is a great thing, I ask you – what are you doing to reduce the hazards of exhuast smoke from vehicles?  I guarantee that is much more of a health hazard than second-hand smoke from a tobacco product.