An update on the Raleigh Outdoor Smoking Ban….

The Raleigh City Council voted 6 to 2 to develop delay the vote on the Outdoor Smoking Ban until a ordinance is developed.   Although the ban has delayed, this is not great news for tobacco enthusiasts – namely that an ordinance is being drafted.  Yet buying some time has some positives.

According to the article below, the ordinance would be geared at smoking and “not other tobacco products” (I assume chewing tobacco).   The ordinance would allow smoking  in parking lots at city parks and venues and anywhere in Nash Square and Moore Square downtown.

As reported yesterday, Councilman John Odom did vote against the proposal.

Any restrictive ordinance is bad news for tobacco enthusiasts – whether in Raleigh or not.  It’s important that tobacco enthusiasts nationwide make their voice heard here.  I’ve been told that a petition will be issued by the Cigar Rights of America.  Stay tuned to Cigar Coop for more details.

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Side note: 6 to 2 vote….that implies 75% support for this.  I’d love to see a straw poll done in Raleigh and see who thinks this is a good idea.   I guarantee its a lot less than 75%.  Hey they rammed Obamacare down our throats, why should this be any different?