This is going to be two firsts on Cigar Coop.    A shout out to Whoopi Goldberg and a link to the show “The View”.

I have never been a Whoopi fan.   I think it was deplorable when she made fun of President George W Bush at a John Kerry fundraiser.  For the most part, I think her jokes are not funny, and she has not a bit of acting talent.

On the View, Whoopi blasted the recent decision on the Outdoor Smoking Ban that the City Council passed in New York City.  Whoopi must be commended for taking a stand on this.  She calls out the crap the Pleasure Police have dumped on us for months.  Whoopi says a lot of stuff below and it’s all good stuff.   Like her or not, I give her full credit for calling this out.  The big question is whether or not she will follow through on some of these things.  Here are some of her points.

1-Whoopi ripsthe City Council for the decision on the Outdoor Smoking Ban.  It’s refreshing to see a “celebrity” go public on a stance like this.

2-Whoopi calls out the horrendous conditions tobacco enthusiasts have had to endure (snow and rain).  Cigar Coop readers know this a pet peeve of mine.

3-Whoopi calls for designated smoking areas to be implemented in the areas of the Outdoor Smoking Ban

4-Whoopi vows the continue to smoke in the places affected by the ban once its implemented.   I fully support Whoopi on this one.

5-Whoopi mentions the reasons why tobacco is not outlawed because of the tax revenue

6-Whoopi brings up the point what would happen if there was a “smoke out” and if people didn’t buy tobacco in New York City? (i.e. how much tax revenue would be lost)

7-When her co-host says I don’t want smoke in my building, Whoopi tells her “close your vent!”   She calls out how people have to endure rotten smelling food in apartment buildings.

Some good quotes:

“I’m done with this because I feel I pay taxes here just like everybody else. There should be a designated place and I’m tired of being treated like some damn criminal. If they’re really worried about the smell in the air, give us electric buses, give us electric cars, and then I’ll understand!”

“But you know, (give smokers) a little respect because I understand that not everyone wants to smoke, I get that, but you can’t keep treating people like they don’t matter.”

“Give people a place to smoke where non-smokers can’t go” 

“We have stood outside in the rain and the snow nobody cared if people got sick…if they get pneumonia and up in the hospital and can’t work and go on welfare, nobody gives a damn about that”

“I’m gonna take the hit…I’m going to write the check and I’m going to do everything until you guys get rid of all of the nasty smelling cars and all the other nasty stuff coming up the damn vents….I’m smoking my cigarette! I’m sick of this!”

“It’s BS! And there handing a lot of BS!  And I think its unfortunate for us all …we all spend the money, we all pay the taxes, I want a little respect!”

Click HERE to watch the segment.  The good news is, you will not have to be tortured watching the entire episode of the View as they discuss this up front. 

After watching that segment, please turn off the View so it doesn’t poison your mind.  Thank you.