This announcement started
making its way through various social media mechanisms, but I thought I
would post this on the web-site.  Yesterday, it was announced that I
have been named a Cigar Rights of America (CRA) Ambassador representing
the State of North Carolina.

Those who know
me know that I am passionate about the cigar industry as well as
protecting this industry. Cigar consumers, retailers, and manufacturers
face no greater threat to their individual freedoms and liberties than
they do right now.  We are seeing this with the FDA moving in to control our industry, and we are seeing Washington DC exercise its heavy hand
as well. Look no further than the hypocrisy involved with forcing Camacho Cigars out of the Orange Bowl and you can see the impact of this
heavy hand. I’m proud to serve the cigar community and will work with
you to fight to preserve these freedoms.

CRA was founded on the principle of fighting for the freedom to enjoy cigars.  It is
a consumer-based, non-profit public advocacy organization that works at
the local, state, and federal level of government to protect the
freedoms of cigar enthusiasts.  There are four core areas involved in
this fight:

1.Oppressive Restrictive Smoking Bans
2.Government Regulation of Cigars
3.Oppose Taxation of Cigars
4.Policy Measures Relating to Cigars 
is not an easy fight.  Our opponents are well-funded and laser-focused
on destroying the cigar industry. The CRA represents our vehicle to
represent us in this fight.   Te good news is the cigar community is not
taking this sitting down.   The CRA is at the forefront in not only
countering our opponent, but going on the offensive to protect this
industry.  To do this, they need to have the resource both financially
and people-wise to counter our opponents.
look forward to serving the cigar community but we also need your help.
 I am encouraging every cigar enthusiast to join the CRA.  While there
are some incentives to join such free cigars and discounts, it is more
important you know that your money is going to fund our fight.  The CRA website does a great job at informing us on the progress being made.
 There is also an iPhone app available as well.
a minimum, take two minutes to take action to support bills HR 1639 and S 1461.  This is proposed legislation to exempt the premium
cigar industry from FDA control.  Without a doubt, pending FDA control
is our most grave threat right now.
this website will continue to operate as is. It will remain a hardcore
information resource for content related to cigars and legislation. In
fact, I’ll have some new things to share come Janaury 1st related to the cigar end of things.
Yours in smoke,

CRA Ambassador #0159