Alan Price of Emilio Cigars posted a list of forthcoming Emilio Cigar releases on his Facebook page.  This list was confirmed by brand developer, Gary Griffith via Twitter.   The list covers short term releases, plans for IPCPR, and plans for 2013.

The timetable shows that Emilio is continuing to grow as a company for the next 2 years and they expand their portfolio.  The timetable includes the re-branding of Grimalkin as La Musa – as well as that line’s expansion.  It also introduces the new Carpe Noctem and Los Regalos lines.   There are also some references to some “surprises” for this Fall.

June 2012
Draig K
AF Suave
La Musa (Grimalkin Re-branding)

IPCPR (August 2012)
La Musa Melete
Los Regalos Quetzal

The word “surprises” was used.

Carpe Noctem
Los Regalos Vintage 2006
La Musa Aoide
La Musa Limitado
Emilio AF3

Additional details of the above can be found on the Emilio Cigars blog.