On Friday June 14, Perdomo Cigars put a video giving a sneak preview of their Perdomo 20th Anniversary Cigar.  This sneak preview was posted for only one hour. The video showcases the cigars and packaging that make up this new line.  The end of the video indicated “Coming in September 2012 to a tobacconist near you“.

There wasn’t any information about the blend profile or the specific frontmarks that are being offered.  There were two things that could be taken away from the video.   First the cigars in the Perdomo 20th Anniversary line are being offered in a box-press shape.   Secondly, there appears to be two blends being offered – a natural and a maduro.

The Perdomo 20th Anniversary Cigars feature two bands.   The first band has Perdomo’s sunburst “Tabacalera Perdomo” logo (see picture above).   The second band showcases the 20th Anniversary name.   For the natural cigar, the second band has a black background while the first band has more red in it.  For the maduro cigar, the second band has a red background while the first band has more black in it.