Erik Espinosa, President of Espinosa Cigars appeared on the 7/21/12 edition of Kiss My Ash Radio and confirmed a story first reported by Halfwheel that EO Brands has been dissolved and the brands have been divided.  Espinosa was a partner with Eddie Ortega with EO Brands.  Earlier this year, Ortega announced he was leaving EO Brands to launch Ortega Cigars.

As a part of the dissolution, the majority of the EO Brands portfolio has moved into Espinosa Cigars – a company that has recently been launched by Espinosa himself.  Espinosa Cigars will now incorporate the 601, Mucielago, and Mi Barrio lines into its company’s portfolio. Ortega will now own the Cubao line as well as two lines not in production.  With the exception of some packaging changes to Mucielago, Espinosa indicated the existing lines he has acquired will stay the same.

As a part of the launch of Espinosa Cigars, there will be a new Espinosa Cigar made at the La Zona factory.  This is a factory in Esteli, Nicaragua that was purchased by Espinosa.  Espinosa commented the cigar will have a Habano wrapper, but would not disclose any other details of the brand.  In the interview,  Espinosa commented, “It took me such a long time to create that blend, I’m not saying anything. … the Colonel never gave up his 11 herbs and spices….what’s inside I’d just like rather keep to myself”.

Espinosa indicated he has purchased enough tobacco to open up accounts at the 2012 IPCPR Trade Show.

Espinosa and Kiss My Ash Radio host Abe Dababneh both confirmed in the interview that Smoke Inn will be one of the first retailers to carry the new Espinosa Cigar.