July 25, 2012 (Scottsdale, AZ) – Cigar Tech is yet again revolutionizing cigar technologies, as they are pleased to announce the newest addition to the Ciguardian Angel travel line: the Ciguardian Angel Travel Pouch.

“This product is the most versatile humidification product imaginable” said Doyle. The patent-pending Ciguardian Angel Travel Pouch is made with vapor permeable fabric, which will emit vapor  – not water – to humidify cigars. The humidification level and the longevity of the product can be controlled by a combination of factors: the Denier of the fabric and number of layers, size of the pouch, and the amount of humidification medium inserted. Food grade propylene glycol is added to the humidification medium to regulate the evaporation level of the water so as not to over humidify.

It truly is the indispensable, disposable travel pouch for humidifying cigars.

The first pouches measure 3” x 4”, and made of black fabric with white screen printing.  The ink is a very specialized odorless water based ink. The fabric, ink and packaging are all made in the USA. The pouches are manufactured in Cigar Tech’s Scottsdale facility and then packaged in moisture barrier bags. This maintains the integrity of the pouch in a retail setting, and also allows the consumer to prolong the life of the pouch when not in use.

“This is not a mass-made product. We manufacture them by hand, so no two are exactly alike, just like a premium cigar. We expect to create many variations in size and humidity levels in the future,” Doyle added.

In addition to its effectiveness in humidifying up to 50 cigars for up to 60 days, the nature of the product allows for small volume private label possibilities. Retailers can have their own printed travel pouches made in a quantities as small as 200.  In the near future, Cigar Tech expects to offer private label customers their choice of fabric and ink colors. The possibilities are endless for this product.

Suggested retail price for the individual pouches is $4.50 and they will be sold in cases of 24 with a counter display.

The Ciguardian Angel Travel Pouch follows up on the Spring 2012 release of the Ciguardian Angel, a revolutionary new telescoping cigar humidification tube. The Ciguardian Angel Humi-Tube was the first of several travel-related humidification products that Cigar Tech will be offering as part of their Ciguardian humidification line. Ciguardian Angels are offered in flights of 24, with a free acrylic refillable display. Suggested retail price is $9.75 per tube.

For more information and pricing on Ciguardian, SHURIKEN, and Dr. RH products, contact Belinda Doyle at Cigar Tech HQ at 877-860-0145, by email at Belinda@cigartech.com, or by mobile phone at (215) 622-8003.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cigar Tech is a company that markets the Ciguardian and Dr, RH brands of humidification products and accessories, along with the Shuriken cutter line.  Their state-of-the-art humidifying solutions, gel jars, humidifiers, and digital hygrometers are made to excel the highest standards in the industry. For more information and pricing on their products, contact Cigar Tech at 877-860-0415, or visit them online at www.cigartech.com

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