In this cigar conversation, we sit down with baseball great Gary Sheffield.  Sheffield has been working with Rocky Patel Premium Cigars on an exciting new project – the Rocky Patel HR500 (Rocky Patel Gary Sheffield 500 Homerun Club Cigar).  This is cigar meant to commemorate baseball great Gary Sheffield’s 500th home run.

In this conversation, we learn a little more about the Rocky Patel HR500 cigar.   We also discuss the milestone that this commemorates – the 500th home run.   We also get into a little bit of Sheffield’s background as a cigar enthusiast and how he got involved with cigars.  Sheffield tells us what type of cigars he likes.  He seems genuinely excited to be a part of the cigar industry and his comment about the industry being “one family” really proves he knows how this industry ticks.

Not only did I come out of my time with Sheffield with respect for him as a cigar person, but for him as a person as well.  He could not have been nicer.

Special thanks to Joseph R. Gannascoli.  He was kind enough to make an introduction to Sheffield and help us land this interview in a timely manner.   Thank you to Rocky Patel Premium Cigars and Gary Sheffield as well.