In this cigar conversation, we meet the women behind the Tres Reynas cigar.  The Tres Reynas brings together two legendary families in the cigar industry – the Quesadas and the Garcias.  It is the daughters (thus the name Tres Reynas)  in each of the families that have come together to spearhead this project – namely Janny Garcia (daughter of Don Pepin Garcia); and Raquel and Patricia Quesada (daughters of Manuel Quesada)  The cigar is made at the My Father Cigars factory and will be distributed via the Quesada family through S.A.G.  Imports.

On Day 2 of the trade show, a launch event was held at the S.A.G. Imports booth.   I managed to catch up with the three women for a short conversation.  When the three women refer to themselves as “sisters”, there is no doubt there has been a strong bond formed between the three.   I had a chance to sample the Tres Reynas cigar and no doubt the collaboration has yielded a very good result.

With such chemistry, I can see these women coming back for an encore.  I pose an interesting question at the end for how the next cigar project could work….

Special thanks to Janny Garcia, Raquel, and Patricia Quesada for taking time for this conversation. This was an extremely busy afternoon at a very busy booth and I am grateful for the time.