It appears that Sam Leccia’s return to the cigar industry is coming soon.  Yesterday some information on twitter indicated not only Leccia’s return, but that Torano Family Cigars will once again be poised to be his distributor.

Leccia was once the face of the Cain and Nub brands from Oliva Cigar Company.  Late in 2010, both Leccia parted ways with Oliva Cigar.  In May of 2011, Leccia announced the formation of Sam Leccia Cigar Company with a first cigar to be called the “Debut”.  A few weeks later, it was then announced that Torano Family Cigars would be the distributor for Sam Leccia Cigars.  This was then followed with Oliva Cigar Company filing an injunction against Leccia for breach of contract.  This blocked the launch of Leccia’s cigar company.

Early last month, first reported that Leccia and Oliva had reached an agreement paving the way for Leccia’s return to the cigar industry   The information on twitter from the Torano representative had a instagram picture that said “Smoke Leccia Tobacco“.  When asked about the picture and if Leccia was with Torano, the comment wasWe will be his distributor”.  Finally when asked about a release date, the comment wasShooting for April, but nothing definite yet“.

There has been no official comment from Sam Leccia Cigar Company announcing the return.