Sosa Cigars is planning on releasing a 50th anniversary commemorative cigar. Initial information and pre-release photos were posted on the company’s Facebook page.

The posts indicated that the cigar is a 5 3/4 x 55 torpedo that will use a special wrapper.  The cigar was referred to as “Piramide #50”  Production is being limited to 1,500 cigars.  It is being made at Tabaclera A. Fuente. When asked about the blend on Facebook, the company responded “they have an extra filler leaf from the Sosa Classic blend and the wrapper is different wrapper not Ecuador Sumatra. But it’s not all Dominican.” In a separate comment the extra filler leaf was mentioned as something the company normally does not use.

The Sosa family traces their heritage back to Cuba where Don Juan Sosa started out as a grower. Over the next 30 years, Don Juan’s son Arturo and grandson Juan manufactured cigars in Cuba. In the 1960s, the operation moved to the Dominican Republic and Miami, Florida.

The company said further details would be forthcoming on this release.