Nat Sherman has announced the re-release of its Tabac Sherman premium pipe tobacco line in tins.  The product will be available at all authorized Nat Sherman retailers in the United States.

While a new product, Tabac Sherman pipe tobacco has not been made available outside the company’s flagship Nat Sherman Townhouse store in New York City.

There has been tremendous growth in the premium pipe category over the past few years,” said Nat Sherman Executive Vice President, Larry Sherman. “At our Flagship Townhouse in New York City, we’ve seen overall pipe business nearly double since 2011. With this re-launch, we are thrilled to provide Tabac Sherman products to our fans across the country.”

Nat Sherman has released the following blends in the tins:

  • Tabac Sherman No. 314 – a light golden Cavendish with a hint of traditional overtones.
  • Tabac Sherman No. 509 – a mild aromatic toasted Cavendish with a delightful velvety smooth flavor.
  • Tabac Sherman No. 536 – a quintessential British blend of exotic Turkish Latakia and Oriental tobaccos with a spicy, musky aroma and taste

Each of the tins will contain two ounces of pipe tobacco and have a suggested retail price of $12.95 per tine.  The tins will be available individually or in sleeves of five.s are available individually, and in sleeves of five, wherever premium pipe tobacco is sold.