Lost & Found Cigars, the venture partnered by Tony Bellatto of La Barba Cigars and both Robert Caldwell and Jaclyn Sears of Caldwell Cigar Company has announced a second batch of cigars.   One of those cigars is the Lost & Found Spam Artist.  It is expected to reach a limited set of retailers in the next week.

The company describes the cigar as a 2010 Vintage consisting of an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, a Corojo binder, and a filler described as “Corojo X Mystery Meat”.  A total of 800 cigars are being produced in a size described as “Shotgun Wedding Toro”.  The cigars are available in ten packs.

Lost & Found made their debut last year as “Impromptu” Cigars.  Before becoming Lost & Found Cigars, the company was renamed “Bellatto / Caldwell / Sears”.  The concept of the company involves tracking down cigars that have been resting for some time in aging rooms of various factories and bringing them to market.  The company has been targeted online retailers specializing in boutiques.  The cigars are small batch and limited production in nature.

Last month the company released four new releases – Buck 15, Silent Shout, a Toro size of Pepper Cream Soda, and Holy Braille.  This cigar joins Pepper Cream Chocolate Crush, Rebel Bingo, Swollen C*ck, and Le Pigeon as new releases this month.

At a glance, here is a look at the Lost & Found Spam Artist:

Blend Profile

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Corojo
Filler: Corojo and “Mystery Meat” (Undisclosed)

Vitola Available

The size of the Spam Artist is only described as a “Shotgun Wedding Toro”