Credo Special T Cutter

The Credo Special T is a cutter that actually is two cutters in one.  It contains two cutting holes.  One will cut cigars up to a 58 ring gauge.  The other will cut cigars up to a 36 ring gauge.  Credo is a company that is based in Marseille, France.  Arango Cigar Company handles the U.S. distribution for Credo products.  While the Credo Special T cutter has been around for several months, Arango recently has made a more formal announcement of the product.  Coincidentally, I have been putting the Credo Special T cutter to the test.  I found this to be an outstanding device, and one I would recommend for many cigar enthusiasts.

Product Overview/Specifications

The cutter is made of durable plastic and has tempered steel blades.  The cutter is available in several color options.  There are actually two sets of blades on each wing of the cutter.  One to cut the smaller ring cigars and one to cutter the larger ring cigars.  The smaller cutting hole is designed for thin cigars (36 ring and under), but is really more ideal for torpedoes, figuardos, and perfectos.  The larger one, while it can be used on figuardos, it is more ideal for standard parejos (up to a 58 ring gauge).

The blades have a hardness of 53-55 HRC on the Rockwell Scale.

The product itself is almost designed like a scissor based on the design of Credo’s more high end Synchro Cutter.

Product Usage

To use the product, I simply inserted my thumb and index finger into the scissor hold.  With a gentle motion I used those fingers to open the device like opening scissors until each cutting hole was completely open.  I simply inserted my cigar into the appropriate hole.  For the parejo I inserted the cigar into larger hole just enough to place a cut on the cap line.  Holding the cigar in one hand, I used my fingers to close the scissors and make an insertion.

Using the torpedo is similar, but I pretty much inserted the tip to always get a 36 ring gauge. Holding the cigar, I used my fingers to close the scissors and remove the tip.

Usage Evaluation

This device absolutely has worked flawless on any type of cigar I have used – parejo or figuardos.  I pretty much used the larger hole for the parejos and the smaller holes for figuardos.   For about six days of consistent usage (about 18 cigars), I found each cut to be consistently clean with no wrapper tear.

I also found this device had the right amount of tension.  It was a very easy cut to make and I did not have to think twice about it.

I would recommend keeping the blades clean on this device, but this is not something that should be unique to the Credo Special T.  It is something I recommend for all cutters.

Video Overview and Demonstration

In this video, I recap what this device is about and demonstrate how to use it.

Final Thoughts

The Credo Special T is as good as it gets.  I found it very simple to use.  This was not something I had to think twice about when using it, and it became natural very quickly.  I found it did the job it needed to near perfect – namely cleanly cutting my cigar.  The fact that it has two cutters in one makes it even that much better.  The only drawback is if you are smoking the larger ring gauges of 60 and over, this is probably not going to be the device for you. However at $14.95, you cannot find a better value.  This is a must have accessory for every cigar enthusiast – novice or experienced.

Assessment: Excellent / Must Have


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