Rauchvergnügen, a new brand from Hamburg, Germany is launching its first cigar called the Rauchvergnügen #42. The cigar is described by the company as the “first ever German Engineered Cigar”.


Klaas, Oliver, and Joe

The Rauchvergnügen brand was created by Oliver Nickels, Jan-Klaas Mahler, and Joachim “Joe” Sadowski.. The company describes its product as being driven by technology and design combined with traditional cigar-making methods. The brand is described on its web-site as follows:

Rauchvergnügen is proud to offer you the first-ever German Engineered Cigar.
Rauchvergnügen creates cigars in the same way we Germans engineer the best technology in the world. German-engineered for its taste. Controlled and tested over its full development and manufacturing cycle. Perfected following German engineering standards. The result is ultimate precision in aroma, taste, and smoking performance. We create cigars that are exciting, precise and satisfying down to the smallest details.”

The Rauchvergnügen #42 will launch with a limited production of 1,000 numbered slipcases- each containing two #42 cigars. The cigar is produced in the Dominican Republic at InterCigar S.A. Borrowing a page from engineering, the cigar derives its name from the number of cubic centimeters for its capacity (42). Additional sizes will follow in 2016.

Over the past few months, the brand has been working with select retailers in Germany and the United States to launch. The company is currently offering a pre-release sale online. Cigars are expected to begin shipping in March, 2016.

In a press release announcing the brand, Oliver Nickels, Chief Cigar Engineer at Rauchvergnügen commented: “We wanted to create a brand that reflects our modern lifestyle. We believe a new cigar brand can do better than just being a good smoke. It should suit/correspond with/ contemporary life – creating a smoking experience for a connected, digital generation. We call this brand experience #CigarStyle, and we deliver it through the cigar itself, via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and the Rauchvergnügen website. There are many excellent cigars in the market, but we seriously missed brands expressing a fresh and contemporary design. So we created our own.“

We spent a long time engineering a cigar that satisfied us. The result is clear and precise – a cigar delivering superior quality in taste as well as in the manufacturing process“, added Joe Sadowski, responsible for quality assurance at Rauchvergnügen.”We reviewed the production process very carefully. With InterCigar, we found a perfect partner to meet our German quality requirements.“

The design of the brand is new and unique“, adds Klaas Mahler, Chief Cigar Designer at Rauchvergnügen. “Its taste was part of the design process, which we believe is an innovative and unique way to develop a cigar brand. The taste is very precise. We spoke with many dealers and cigar aficionados in Germany and in the U.S. They were all profoundly satisfied with the cigar – and clearly enthusiastic about our brand.”

At a glance, here is a look at the Rauchvergnügen #42:

Blend Profile

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Hybrid
Binder: Dominican Criollo 98
Filler: Dominican Piloto Cubano, Nicaraguan, Pennsylvania (U.S.)
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic (InterCigar S.A)

Vitolas Available

The Rauchvergnügen #42 is currently being offered in one size – 4 3/4 x 54 Robusto.

Photo Credits: Rauchvergnügen / Blue Herring