Kafie 1901 Cigars is renaming its soon to be released box pressed line to Kafie 1901 San Andres.

The name change comes less than 24 hours after the Kafie 1901 La Union was announced as an upcoming line for Kafie 1901 Cigars. The name change was due to potential trademark issues.

In a post on his Facebook page, Dr. Gaby Kafie, owner of Kafie 1901 Cigars explained “Due to a conflict of interest on the trademark ‘La Union’, which is owned by My Father Cigars. We are changing the name of the upcoming blend to be release to ‘San Andres’. Nothing else will change, the blend is still out of this world, and the overall look will still be the same.”

The Kafie 1901 San Andres gets its name from its San Andres wrapper it has. The cigar is scheduled to be released in July, 2016